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About Tessie

I am a natural light photographer located in Havelock, NC, specializing in family photography.  I am currently servicing Carteret, Onslow, and Craven Counties in North Carolina.  My husband (a Marine) and I moved to Havelock in May of 2015 because he is stationed at Cherry Point.  We have two beautiful daughters, two cats, and a rabbit.  :)  But before I met my husband and built this family together, my passion was creating images.

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 13.  I loved looking at the photos I’d taken and seeing what I had “caught” that other people may not have seen.  I loved the feeling that I had made a moment in time permanent.

In high school, I also developed a love of drawing portraits.  I became very observant of the different compositions of peoples' faces.  One summer I was lucky enough to work at the Norman Rockwell museum.  Looking at his artwork made me excited and inspired!  My style is heavily influenced by Norman Rockwell.  He would compose his models (some of whom are my relatives!) to appear to be partaking in everyday life.  He would then photograph his models, and the photographs served as Norman Rockwell's reference as he painted his nostalgic scenes.  His artwork is touching, humorous, and relatable.  It was the beginning of my love of “lifestyle” imagery.

I want to capture that look your significant other gives you when you are not paying attention.  I want to help you remember, forever, that look your son gives to his little sister when she’s driving him crazy; that look your little girl gives you right before she knows she's about to get in trouble; those wrinkles that form around your mom’s eyes that she only gets when she’s laughing.  The little things in your life that happen with the people you love most—they should not be forgotten.  Those moments are pieces of art. They should be still framed and put on the walls of your home. I want to help you do that.